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How to deal with writing and speaking in the four skills English tests

江南校 安田 弘之


(This report is based on the report of Yoyogi Seminar released in May.)

In order to deal with the four skills test and improve the skills, we have to change the attitude toward English.
The following tips are essential for every students and teachers including me.

(1)We should not study English but work through English.
(2)To input English is the first priority so we should read and listen to English which we can understand easily and which we are interested in. At that time, it’s important for us not to pay attention to English itself but to the contents themselves.
(3)Vocabulary building is very important. We should learn words and expressions every day with our five senses.
(4)Grammar and knowledge of junior high English are important. To know junior high English is one thing and to use it naturally and smoothly is quite another. Junior high English is especially important when listening, writing and speaking. (Please look at the above sentences. I don’t use high school English except for words. Junior high English is enough to express our opinions and even to organize the logical ideas.)

Tip on writing
The form of writing is changing from making sentences to stating opinions. In this respect, two perspectives are important: to use right vocabulary, grammar, structure and to make the opinions persuasive. The latter is more important than the former. We need to learn logical thinking and writing.

Tip on speaking
To speak English smoothly, we need to read and listen more. And it’s important to make junior high English perfect.

Konan branch office of high school division
Hiroyuki Yasuda







高校部江南校 安田弘之

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