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螢雪ゼミナールの先生の日常がよくわかる!螢雪紹介ブログ ケイセツの先生が普段感じていることやみなさんに伝えたいことを綴っていきます。塾生・保護者の方々はもちろん、OB・OGも気軽に参加してください。 螢雪ゼミナールの先生の日常がよくわかる!螢雪紹介ブログ ケイセツの先生が普段感じていることやみなさんに伝えたいことを綴っていきます。塾生・保護者の方々はもちろん、OB・OGも気軽に参加してください。
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The end of an era

忠節校 安田 弘之

About 150 years ago, there was a boy in the Kanto region near Edo, now Tokyo. Since childhood, this boy liked fighting with other bad boys. He learned the sword but he was so independent of his master that he couldn't acquire the master-of-swords qualification. When Tokugawa Shogunate became unstable, he and his friends created a swordsmen group called Shinsen-gumi. He killed many strong swordsmen with his beloved sword in Kyoto. Everybody knew his name. Everybody feared the banner of Shinsen-gumi.
When Tokugawa Shogunate collapsed and the civil war between the new government and the former Tokugawa Shogunate broke out, the age of swords came to an end. He soon changed his fighting style. He learned French military operations and made good use of modern firearms. But once hand-to-hand combats began, his unit played decisive roles in each battle. He continued to fight until the very end. At the final battle, this bad boy charged alone against the enemy line with his beloved sword in his right hand and the banner of Shinsen-gumi flown from his back.
After his death, the civil war was completely gone.
This bad boy’s name is Hijikata Toshizo.
螢雪ゼミナール 忠節校(高校部) 土方歳三


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