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New Year 新年について

忠節校 安田 弘之

New Year (Lunar New Year) 訳は下にあります。
New Year is of course from January 1st to 3rd or 5th here in Japan. As we know it, we eat something so special and celebrate it greatly here every year. On the contrary, I have known the following things like in North America, people don’t celebrate it so greatly. And, in Asia, China, Korea, Vietnam and Malaysia included, people don’t celebrate it at all. What do they celebrate? They celebrate Lunar New Year, which starts from February 5th and continues until 12th this year.This period is called differently, depending on the country. In Vietnam, it’s called “Tet” and in China, “Spring Festival” and so on. Recently, according to the news, during this period of time, the largest number of people move in the world, because China has the largest number of population in the world, lol.
For me, it’s a little surprising that people in Asia have often asked me why Japanese people don’t celebrate Lunar New Year. I didn’t know why. They taught me in the Meiji Restoration, the new Meiji government changed the calendar from moon-based one to sun-based one. Other Asian countries like China and Vietnam have still used moon-based calendar so they celebrate February. Actually, Lunar means “moon” in English. By the way, I celebrate this Lunar New Year too thanks to my friends, so, I feel a little I can celebrate New Year twice, New Year in January and Lunar New Year in February.
螢雪ゼミナール 忠節校 新年について


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