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God-like episode

忠節校 安田 弘之

 When I hear the word “god-like episode”, kami-kai in Japanese, I remember several episodes of・・・・・,anime. But, especially, I come up with “Inuyasha Final Act 9”. This is an episode of an anime “Inuyasha”, which was created by Takahashi Rumiko, aired about 20 years ago in Japan and about 10 years ago in Asia and North America and was a huge hit globally. In the above episode, the protagonist is not Inuyasha but Sesshoumaru (no picture because of the copy right, sorry) and Sesshoumaru went to the underworld to save his beloved girl Rin. In this episode, not only he but also his mother and his entourage Jaken show a lot of their aspects. Their interactions are interesting and touching.

 By the way, I have been a long fan of the author but I knew Inuyasha quite recently and I knew this anime through my Malaysian and American friends. Strangely enough, there’re lots of lots of hard-core fans of Inuyasha in the world and more strangely, most of its fans are female・・・・・.before, when I was an anime otaku long time ago, anime otaku was only male and this fact tells us the world has greatly changed and also now, anime and of course other things are shared globally at the same time. It’s really interesting. As I mentioned above, I knew Inuyasha through my overseas friends, so I have watched almost all episodes of Inuyasha in English. So I wrote this blog at first in English, then, translating it into Japanese later below.
Once again, going back to the theme, to materialize the “god-like episode” in my classes, I must show many aspects of me, the contents and students and have a good interaction with each other, which is taught by the anime, lol.
螢雪ゼミナール 忠節校 神回

“神回”という言葉を聞くと、いくつかのアニメのエピソードを思い浮かべるわけですが、特に、“犬夜叉 完結編 9”が思いつきます。これは、アニメ犬夜叉のエピソードの一つなんですが、犬夜叉は、高橋留美子が原作者で、約20年前に日本で、約10年前にアジア、北アメリカで放送されていて、世界中で大きなヒットだったようです。上記のエピソードでは、主人公は、犬夜叉ではなく、殺生丸という人(知らない人、すみません)で、彼が、リンという少女を救うために冥界に行きます。この話の中で、興味深いのは、彼だけでなく、彼の母親、彼の取り巻きの邪見が、多くの側面を見せてくれる点です。また、彼らのやり取りもとても感動的です。

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