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Chance encounter

忠節校 安田 弘之

When I cleaned my room, I found this air ticket from Ho Chi Minh city to Ha Noi.
4 years ago, I went to Ho Chi Minh city. The most impressive thing in Vietnam was the flight from Ho Chi Minh city to Hanoi. I happened to sit next to a Vietnamese woman. Then I had nothing to do, so I looked at my dogs' photos in my cellphone. She looked at my photos. I don't remember how to start, but we started to talk with each other about my dogs, her cat, our countries, our cities and our jobs. I was really surprised that though she was very young, she was a founder of a small company in Ha Noi and planned to go to Seoul. I have never met such a kind of woman before. I surprised her too. She asked me "Do you have twitter or Facebook account?" "No" "Really no?" "No"

Actually I started Facebook in order to send big-size and high resolution photos to her. Without this encounter with her, I would not have been interested in Vietnam, would not have found lots of international friends worldwide.
In conclusion, in a new workplace, I wanna enjoy a new encounter!
Hiroyuki Yasuda at Chusetsu branch office
螢雪ゼミナール 忠節校 航空券


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