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江南校 安田 弘之


Do our best!!

Hiroyuki Yasuda I’m native Japanese. The following is my first impression of Dragon Quest. Back then, I was a heavy PC game lover. I had already known Toriyama Akira by “Dr Slump"and “Dragonball". So I was very familiar with his design. And I had also known Horii Yuji by his other games, such as “Portopia Serial Murder Case. Actually, my true surprise is its comfort, its huge comfort!! Then, when the protagonist died, all experiences, treasures and money were lost. RPG was much more dangerous and I got to play very very carefully. Even in the case of Final Fantasy, the save point first appeared in FF4. In the case of DQ, when the protagonist died, we didn’t lose any experience and money was just cut half!! I could easily die, haha... And Sugiyama Koichi’s music was so nice even though it was beep sound then. Now, as you know, the game music has been firmly established. Sugiyama Koichi created a new music genre, game music. I could play Dragon Quest without any anxiety and with Sugiyama Koichi’s beautiful music. RPG became a real comfortable adventure!! This is my first impression.
Riley Silverberg My first exposure was an ad and poster in Nintendo Power for Dragon Warrior 3 on Gameboy. My brother loved Dragon Ball Z so we put up the poster and tried to find it. We found Dragon Warrior 1 and 2 together and Dragon Warrior Monsters. So we got thos. Then one day after beating Final Fantasy VII, I was in Kmart and found Dragon Warrior VII. I was like "what? Where is 4, 5, and 6?!" I was 13 at the time. I bought it. And DW7 is my favorite story in all the series!
It wasn't until I lived in Germany, pregnant with my second baby over 10 years later that my brother in law gave me a copy of Dragon Warrior III for Gameboy. I said "no way!! I've wanted this for ages!!" So DW3 is now my overall favorite game in the series! He also gave me DWM2 Tara's version!
So. Yeah. It was kind of like my own quest to find and play Dragon Warrior 3螢雪ゼミナール 江南校 絵文字.
Hiroyuki Yasuda You are a mother and have continued Dragon Quest series!! Me too, Dragon Quest was a big surprise and the origin of legend of Loto!! I love it too. I think the background of Dragon Quest look like the feudal period of Germany. What do you think about it?
Riley Silverberg My daughter loves Dragon Quest. Her first was IX because she liked the idea of making her own character and dressing up. We once took two couches in the living room and through slime plushies at each other and pretended it was a tank battle like in Rocket Slime. As a family, we all love Dragon Quest. 螢雪ゼミナール 江南校 絵文字 < I could see a Dragon Quest movie filmed in the old castles of Germany! That would be really cool!

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