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Enjoyment of studying English

江南校 安田弘之


 English is really fantastic! Coz I could enjoy such as chatting with a Swedish living in Sweden about what? We talked about our favorite battle of Komaki and Nagakute while drinking afternoon tea for me and for him morning coffee. It’s very cool, right? lol!
 Anyway, we hear recently English is getting more and more important. We know we got to work hard to acquire English skills. I think learning another language is more than that. The biggest attraction of learning another language is the “encounter” itself while studying.
 We can encounter a lot of people and things through learning English.
 Actually, we have encountered here at the branch office through the study of English. Each time we meet ourselves during, before and after our classes in our branch office, we greet, have a small chat and sometimes we talk about our future plan in a serious tone. In our classes, we not only concentrate on the subject but also spend nice time through English. This itself is enjoyment of English.
 Recently we are now living in the interconnected world. We can meet lots of people and things through networking and of course through English. That itself is enjoyment of English. I want to tell you and enjoy together the cool English during hot summer with our hot spirit!



ケイセツゼミナール at 2017.7.4 14:59│comments (1)│trackback (x)│
you try hard to enjoy your students and your own classes. best wish you realize it.
| General Konilof | 2017/07/13 03:37 PM |