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2016 Do your best! がんばれ!

江南校 安田 弘之

“Do your best! ”  (日本語訳は下にあります)
I am a big book lover. Although I’m an English teacher, one of the most favorite genres is classical Japanese literature. I love it. Recently I read it, not in classical Japanese language but in English, though. Among many beautiful works, above all, I like a small work called “Shorai Mokuroku”. This is a story of a Japanese Buddhist priest, Kukai, meaning sky and sea in Japanese. He is the most famous, beloved, and revered Japanese priest and a founder of the True Words sect. This is not a religious story. This story includes the Journey to Chang’an, the capital of the Tang dynasty, China and the encounter with his master, abbot Hui-kuo at Green Dragon temple. I hear a movie titled “Ku-kai” based on the above-mentioned story will be aired next year in China and Japan.

In this story, young Kukai had a legendary encounter with his master. When the old master transmitted the secret of the religion to Kukai, he was almost dying. The master made every effort, and said to his beloved pupil “Do your best!” and “Do your best!” again and again. The master finally completed his task.
When I read this story, the word “Do your best!” reminds me of a lot of memory with my students. I also say “Do your best” very often, sometimes happy, sometimes bitter, sometimes enthusiastic, sometimes forced and so on. This simple expression means a lot. I remember the faces of my students with affection. We are now in the final phase of preparation to the exam. I say again, “Do your best!” to my students.
Let’s go back to Buddhist priest Kukai once again.
Is the master’s “Do your best!” to his beloved pupil affectionate or deeply religious one?
I think it’s probably the former. Or possibly both?

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Try your best!
| Try your best! | 2017/01/30 11:25 AM |

You want to say, you love Kukai!
| General Giap | 2017/01/03 11:41 PM |