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「A night in Vietnam」

江南校 安田 弘之

「A night in Vietnam」日本語訳は下にあります。

We went to Ho Chi Minh City in Vietnam for 3 and half days.
Vietnam was an actually and really attractive country!! I would like to talk about an unforgettable scene there.
We went to a jazz club and took seats at the corner of the shop, not at the center.
The performance had already started. We ordered alcohol but me: I ordered Ca Phe Sua Da(Vietnamese ice milk coffee).
I don’t know music and jazz.
But the performance unknown Vietnamese musicians played at the side of big city was really impressive and moving. For me, especially, the drummer, not young, about 50, was moving. His movement, expressions and sound were completely synchronized and the sound he created, it seems, ruled the space and time.

We know the word “art”. It means originally not the fine art but “something human beings create”. I think the art the drummer created was the superb one which was only achieved by long and continuous efforts. I found tears running down my cheeks unconsciously. I think, me too, I really want to improve the art of my profession of teaching English like him.

When we went out the jazz club, the vocalist and the drummer sat outside the club and drank cups of beer. I talked to them “ I came from Japan and I was really moved. Thank you very much”. The vocalist replied with warm welcome “ Thank you very much. I am happy to hear that” and shook hands with me. On the contrary, the drummer had a dry response, saying simply “Thanks”. For me, the drummer’s dry response was moving, I don’t know why.

日本語訳版 「ベトナムのある夜のこと」
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