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忠節校 安田 弘之

Something which touches me….. (日本語訳は下にあります)
Normally, high school students come to the cram school after taking 6 to 7 classes at school and having their club activities.
Many of them often come here directly after leaving school, not returning home. So, they look and are tired. In the classroom, they do their best to concentrate on listening to what teachers are teaching and solving questions in front of them. This seems natural to all of us, because the cram school is the cram school but actually their attitudes come from their sincerity, the expectation from themselves and their parents and the trust between us. It means a lot. Thinking thus, I’m often touched by their daily efforts even though they are very tired and often sleepy. What I should do as a teacher is to trust them, to accept them as they are and encourage them.
Something usual is sometimes something very touching.
螢雪ゼミナール 忠節校 感動すること

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